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Ryan and Kierstin grew up and got married in Mobile, AL. For years Ryan served faithfully as the assistant pastor for Crawford Baptist, but he believed God was calling he and Kierstin to something else. After spending time with church planters in Philadelphia, preaching through the book of Acts, and affirmation from leaders, Ryan was convinced of God's calling on their lives to church planting. Through a couple years of prayer and training, Kierstin and Ryan moved to Las Vegas, NV to begin an apprenticeship at WALK Church. 


Ryan and Kierstin took the first couple of years to learn from the awesome staff at WALK Church while building their own team. They began engaging their community and growing small groups while casting vision for IMAGE church. 2020 was difficult for everyone so they adjusted their plan and hope to launch IMAGE Church publicly in 2021.


 During this time, Kierstin has worked as a nurse, and the Ivys even became foster parents. This gave their family the opportunity to love and serve several kids through difficult circumstances. Kierstin also gave birth to a precious little boy named Samson. 

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